Video:Kenyan Teen,son of a blind woman attacked and injured in Washington DC

WASHINGTON -DC Police are looking for seven men who attacked a teenager Wednesday near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro Station.

17 year old Joseph Ogolla says he was jumped on the stairwell at 3:30 Wednesday by a group of men who repeatedly stomped and kicked him. They stole his wallet and belongings and ran off.

Ogolla was rushed by ambulance to Children’s Hospital where doctors had to wire his jaw shut so it can heal. He spent the night there, and is now recovering at home.

His mother, Jane Charles, is hoping someone will come forward and help police catch those responsible.

“Why did this have to happen to my child? He doesn’t do anything to anyone. Next time they’re going to kill somebody.” Charles says.

Now, this single mother of four who is blind, is worried about how she’ll take care of her family. Joseph can only eat liquid meals for the next six weeks.

” I’m blind and I’m sick. I need someone to help me, I need justice,” Charles says.

As for her son, Charles says he’s a good boy who didn’t deserve this. He just completed his GED and was on his way in life. And now this.

“He can’t work. He can’t do anything right now. Just try to heal,” Charles says.

Jane needs financial help to help feed the son who cannot eat solid food for six help,you can call jane on 202 460 4570

202 460 4570       –Fox DC


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Source:Fox 5 news


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