VIDEO: Rapper Dares Embassy Over Racial Assault on a Kenyan in Germany

Following the racially motivated assault on a Kenyan living in Germany, rapper K-Nel has dared the Kenyan Embassy in Germany to issue a statement on the incident.

According to K-Nel, a Kenyan rapper who lives in Berlin, the Embassy is slacking on its job: protecting the lives and welbeing of Kenyans in Germany. “And not much has been done to chase this case. My call, my concern, my disappointement, my anger is the fact the the Kenyan embassy in Berlin has still not issued a statement addressing this issue.”

And on the victim’s condition so far, “Jimmy is still in the hospital in a very critical condition. His eye has a major cut, it’s looking very bad.” He adds, “I’m posting this video addressing the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin directly addressing the Kenyan ambassador here in Germany to make sure that within the next 24 hours you’re going issue a press statement to the people.”


K-Nel wants his video to major impact on the Web, “This video is going to go viral on social networks: Twitter, Facebook…we will use all platforms that we have.”

K-Nel is about to release a brand new track, Bluffin’ in which he features Liberian singer, Chris Deshield. Check out K-Nel’s statement to the Embassy below.

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