Video:Jubilee pledges duty-free port as Muslims organisations declare support

It was a long list of promises as politicians drummed up support for the Jubilee alliance at the Coast on Sunday.

A duty-free Mombasa port topped the list of promises, with the alliance’s presidential candidate Mr Uhuru Kenyatta saying it will no longer be necessary to travel to Dubai to seek business products.

This would create many opportunities for trade, business and employment, he said adding that poverty will reduce alongside insecurity.

Mr Uhuru’s running mate Mr William Ruto said the first Jubilee government budget will set aside a business fund for the youth and women that will be equal to money set aside for CDF.

“If CDF cash is Sh100 million, the business fund will be Sh100 million,” Mr Ruto said, adding that agriculture will be revolutionised so that the country moves from the jembe and plough technology to tractors, certified seeds and subsidised fertilizer”.

The leaders warned that after the March 4 General Election and in the event that Jubilee wins, drug dealers will be dealt with mercilessly.

“We are giving an ultimatum to drug dealers that after the March 4 elections, they must close shop or flee from the country. They cannot be left to destroy the youth talent and potential,” he said.

They were addressing a political rally at Chaani Primary School Grounds in Changamwe, Mombasa which was attended by a large crowd.

The leaders said the Jubilee coalition was for peace and unity of the country, with Mr Ruto pledging that whether they lose or win, the country has to remain united.

Various leaders including former MPs Adan Duale, Danson Mungatana, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Rachael Shebesh, Samuel Gonzi Rai, Suleiman Shakombo, several governor, senator, parliamentary, women representatives and ward aspirants who addressed the rally urged voters in the Coast to support the alliance.

The leaders said a Jubilee government would improve the economy to two-digit margin and tourism from 1.5 million to five million tourists annually.

The leaders were on the second day of their Coast vote-hunting tour.

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