Video:Let there be peace in Kenya,a peaceful you+a peaceful me=A peaceful Kenya


As we approach elections,and a crucial decisions we are going to make,Kenyans need to be wise in the leaders they are going to elect because this will affect the country for the next five years.
I am sending a message of peace to those who will participate in the voting process,the politicians and Kenyans at large.That peace is possible for Kenya if we start it from the individual level.If we are at peace as individuals no one will think of war.And i think we don’t need leaders whose work is criticizing the failures of others;rather let us see the results of their doings.If politicians focused on the wellbeing of Kenyans they will have no time for critics.That is the Kenya we want.It must begin with you and me.It is WE that make the Nation.I preach peace for it is possible for Kenya.I love my country,i love peace too.In peace we can do more and steer our country to greater heights.

By Elizabeth Ekakoro

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