Fundraising Invitation for a worthy cause‏-Mission center in Murang’a Diocese


FUND RAISING: MARCH 23RD 2013 4.00PM at Best Inn, 6510 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Murang’a diocese, I bring you greetings for a happy new year 2013.

I am hereby making an appeal on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Murang’a. The inhabitants of Murang’a have been experiencing several challenges attributable to government neglect and persistent poverty.  Among the main challenges are:

  • Insecurity due to the vicious gang called Mungiki. This gang is primarily made up of unemployed youth whose main activity is extortion.
  • Health issues due to lack of clean water.  Access to clean water has complicated basic sanitation resulting in deplorable living standards. Murang’a County is known to have the highest jigger infestation in the country of Kenya.
  • Alcoholism due to excessive consumption of cheap illicit brew leading to broken and dysfunctional families.   

To combat these challenges, the Diocese of Murang’a under my leadership is in the process of building a Christian Formation Center.  Its goal is to provide formation services to the children and youth.

* Youth programs – Educating the youth will help shrink the pool of Mungiki recruits which will stunt its growth and eventually lead to the demise of the gangs.

* Alcoholism – Guidance and counseling mentors are rehabilitating affected individuals and families. Currently, 25 mentors known as “Good Samaritans” have graduated and are engaged in the community to help address the drinking of illicit brews in the community.

* Faith formation – Grow the faith of the community to create wholesome individuals both physically and spiritually who can fully contribute to the society.

Currently, the diocese has construction underway and 23 self-contained rooms are due for completion.  Outstanding is a 240 bed capacity dormitory accommodation which will be used for the above mentioned activities.  This is where your input matters.


Our brothers and sisters in the parishes of Murang’a Diocese have already exhausted their donations for this project and are now appealing to their Kenyan brothers and sisters in the Diaspora and all well wishers to be a part of this project by contributing in prayers and treasure. Generous friends like you are truly making a difference.   The tremendous impact of what your support can accomplish is much. It will help change the future of families and children today for a better tomorrow.  In this time of great need, your kindness is essential.

 Please support this critical work of helping others. 

Make your contribution directly to Bank of America, A/c. # 446024576116. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE

For equipment, donations or if you have any questions, please contact; Julia Lucy at 410-971-7938, John Thumbi 443-846-4499, Peter Wanjihia 443-600-0356 or Mama Carol 443-519-8484


Thank you for your kindness,

Rev Bishop James Maria Wainaina

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