Kenyan stranded in Austria:K-Nel Dialogue With The Kenya/Austria Embassy

The story of a stranded Kenyan in Austria hit the “www network” yesterday. This issue was brought to My attention on Facebook by a friend and decided to give it a shot. Let me say having documented and reported about the lives of undocumented African migrants on “Surprising Europe” which aired on Aljazeera TV, I have made The decision to help fellow Africans where I can. But let’s get back to The story.

I read carefully The article published by Mister Seed and noted down the facts. James story quickly became clear; Lack of proper documents, The confrontation with The UK immigration department which sent him back to Austria which is the country he passed through. James Kamotho’s number was listed, I called him and we had a 20 minutes conversation. He told me about how he was dissatisfied with the Services of The Kenyan embassy in Austria who had delayed the processing of his Travel documents. I promised Kamotho that I will confront The Embassy directly just like I had done in Jimmy C case. James told me “Nelson I want to go home. I am suffering here.  I have provided the Embassy with all the documents they need.”

Today talking to the Kenyan Embassy in Austria was on top of my agenda. I called the number listed on their homepage, a friendly lady picked up the Phone and asked who I was and how she could help me (Kenyan Embassies in The Diaspora have Been heavily criticised for their poor Customer Service, something they should improve on). I was like “Waoww.This is customer service.” I asked whether I could Talk to The Ambassador or Mr Onyango. The Lady kindly asked me to be Patient while she put me through. In less than 30 seconds, a man said hallo and introduced himself as Mr Onyango. Bingo, it was The perfect moment to hear the Other version of The story.

I started ofcourse by introducing myself and when I mentioned “James Kamotho”, Mr Onyango told me he had already Seen the articles circulating on social networks and was literally hurt by those who attempted to tarnish his image. He said “I will give you The facts concerning Bwana Muriuki concerning James Kamotho and please let the people hear My version. I want to and I am willing to help Mr Kamotho”.

Mr Onyango went through Kamotho’s protocol. He explained for example the interview he did with James on January 15th; “Bwana Muriuki, Many Africans who are not native Kenyans Come to our embassy to Apply for Kenyan passports. We Must control them. We have Nigerians who Come to our embassy and speak Swahili. They are Not Kenyans” he stressed. He added “Mr Kamotho had proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is Kenyan but the only Thing that Missed was documents to prove this. (James had told me the same). According to The Embassy guidelines, we Need Paper documents. That’s when James Said he could get his Kenyan National ID sent from Kenya by his brother. I actually advised James the fastest way to get it to Austria which is Not My Duty but I did it because I want to help him.”

The ID was Sent and Last week Thursday it was presented to Mr Onyango. “Bwana Muriuki, I was happy it worked out well. All I needed was Jimmy’s fingerprints and then I would process his travel documents. The embassy is not allowed to take fingerpints”. Mr Onyango advised the Human Rights Organisation where this could be done. He is waiting for James Feedback and proceed from there.

To conclude it all, the Embassy is ready to help James Kamotho. We came to a conclusion that Mr Onyango and I will Stay in touch and I will receive James updates. Last December a Kenyan woman was Attacked in Vienna and Mr Onyango briefly explained how he Visited The Lady at The hospital, the letter the embassy wrote to The Foreign Affairs Ministry in Germany and how they are Monitoring her case.

If you are a Kenyan and have any issues with any Embassy in the Diaspora, send me an e-mail to [email protected]

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