Video:Raila Odinga praises court for clearing Uhuru/Ruto to contest with him for the Presidency

Friday, the 15th of February 2013 –Prime Minister Raila Odinga has reacted warmly to a ruling by the High Court today that (save for the intervention of the Supreme Court) effectively removes any legal impediments to his rival Uhuru Kenyatta being on the ballot come March 4th.

Raila said that he is glad with the ruling because he wants to face Uhuru in an open contest;
“I’ve repeatedly said that my main competitor should have the opportunity to face me in a free, fair election,” he said.
According to most polls’ Raila’s CORD still maintains a slim lead over Uhuru’s Jubilee alliance and might, in all likelihood, carry the day in the March 4thelections.
The opinion polls however must still be worrying for the PM because they hint that the race is too tight for an outright win in the first round, a situation which makes the possibility of a run-off election very likely.
This is Raila’s third go at the Presidency and Uhuru’s second.

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