Kenyans in Baltimore, Maryland React to US & UK Travel Advisory To Kenya‏


We, the Kenyans in Baltimore, Maryland are disturbed to see and hear yet again that the United States of America and Britain have issued a Travel Advisory to US & UK Citizens in Kenya just because of a looming court verdict of the petition in the Supreme Court of Kenya on the Presidential Elections of March 4, 2013 (——-). We want to point out that the Kenyans participated in the election exercises in a very respectful and peaceful manner during that day without any incidents or violence to the amazement of the world. This was exactly the opposite of what happened in 2007 General Elections. Based on the fact that the Kenyans have learned in a hard way and have come to accept/respect the sanctity of life and at the same time to respect the properties of their fellow citizens since 2007, we do not anticipate to have any violence or any other act of any nature that might cause chaos in Kenya. Not any more. Additionally, the supporters of the President-Elect, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta (Jubilee Coalition) and the outgoing Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga (Cord Coalition) have promised that they will accept the verdict of the Supreme Court, come Saturday, March 30, 2013. And for this reason, it is our opinion that the travel advisory that was issued on Tuesday by the United States and today by Britain is uncalled for, and much more so, ill-advised. Kenya is peaceful and will remain so even after the Court Verdict.


Karanja mwaura

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Maina Ngobu

Githua Kariuki

Mary Kosgei

Allan Kiguru


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