Boston Gospel artist with a big heart for Kenya

Jane Waruingi originally from Kenya,is an upcoming Gospel music artist from Boston MA. She has released her first CD entitled Good News. Jane’s music is based on inspiration from the word of God as well as testimonies about her life.Jane Waruingi, is now the newest member of Kenyan gospel artist in the New England region. She worked hard to compile and produce her CD which has combined African and Western styles in her CD Albums rhythm. Jane’s aim is to spread the good news message of our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s faithfulness not only through music but also through children ministry.

Jane is using her God given talent to raise funds to build a Children’s home in Kenya. She has served in the Children ministry in the USA, and currently she is a volunteer Sunday school teacher, a ministry  not so popular to many but one that is very important as it  prepares Godly future Doctors, Preachers,Governors, Presidents,to name but a few.

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‘Its been a long journey, having the Vision to start a Children’s Home where unfortunate children can be given a chance to life.Jane has  always had a heart for children especially the Orphans and the Fatherless and it is a blessing that she was able to purchase a piece of land in Kenya for that purpose. God has been so faithful and she is sure that He will help her to accomplish that which He has put in her heart to do. One may ask,” Why a Children’s Home? to answer this question, Jane has written her biography in her web page She tells about the challenges of loosing a Father at a young age, God’s faithfulness through it all, as well as her calling in the Ministry. “I really need to do something for the Community, I want to make a difference no matter how small” she says.For many of us, it took the whole community to get us where we  are today.If you feel touched and you would like to genuinely give back, here is a chance for you to contribute towards a good cause by praying,encouraging,supporting and Purchasing the new CD Album “GOOD NEWS”

You can contact Jane at:[email protected]

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