Video:K-Nel Controversial Freestyle “MPigs”Song


To vent his anger and frustration on the intention of the MP’s over pay cut,K-Nel Muriuki has produced a song which he calls a prayer.Here is his message.

I have no words to describe the move made by Kenyan Mps lately regarding salary increment. 1st of all, these guys have not even started their job yet and already they complaining about their half a million salary pay per month. They are pushing for 1 milllion a month and then add salt to injury working on a tax free bill. What? Inspired by Jay-Z’s new song “open letter” which is produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, I therefore decided to exercise my freedom of speech by laying few bars addressing the issue. I make it clear at the intro that this is not a song but a prayer. I will not break down the science of this freestyle but I will let you play the song over and over again to get the whole message. Get my message correct; I only face embassies and politicians. Dont even call me a rapper or artist. Just call me a diplomat. This material is just a prequel of what you are to expect. I promise you.

Nelson K-Nel Muriuki

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