Videos:Kenyans on social media go after MP Mithika Linturi


Kenyans on social media have descended on Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi after he threatened to have the Salaries and Remuneration Commission ejected for refusing to budge on MP’s pay.

The lawmaker has filed a petition in Parliament to eject members of the SRC from office, for reducing lawmakers’ pay.

Linturi told a news conference at Parliament Buildings that he is taking the action because he believes that the commission did not follow due process in setting MPs’ salaries and argues the action was meant to punish them.

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The MP also appeared on NTV on Thursday night where he sat down with Larry Madowo.

After the interview, Madow tweeted “Jimmy Angwenyi was the 1st to call Mithika Linturi after our interview. Linturi told him ‘we must not allow intimidation’

Various Fcebook pages have cropped up targetting Linturi and rallying Kenyans to have him recalled.

In one such page “1 Million Likes To Recall MP Mithika Linturi From Parliament” already has over 7000 likes. Another page that has cropped up is “Igembe People Against Mithika Linturi”

Twitter was not left behind as Kenyans launched some humorous shots at the MP.


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