Kenyan Gangstar Movie To be Considered For Oscar


“Nairobi Half Life”, a Kenyan movie about gangs and crime, has become the country’s fist ever movie to be considered for an Oscar.

The movie, directed by Kenyan director David “Tosh” Gitonga, was shown at the ongoing Film Africa 2012 in London after it made history in Kenya as the most successful local movie ever.

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Gitonga said, “”We keep saying crime is wrong, but are we really looking at why there is crime? I don’t believe Kenyans get into crime for fun and giggles.”

Prior to shooting, Gitonga wanted to understand the story behind Nairobi’s crime culture and to fully comprehend the situation he spent time with real-life gangsters. This experience led him to hear stories of gang members flooding properties and defecating on porches after robberies. He was told: “It hurts us that you have these things we don’t have.”

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