Upcoming Kenyan Artist Confesses He Is HIV Positive! Read The Shocking Story


Of late, the focus on H.I.V has switched from the youth to married individuals who routinely stray from their marital beds and do not use condoms with either their lovers or their spouses. Just ask Jimmy Gathu. He can tell you all about that. then there was the controversy surrounding what I considered an innocuous yet strategic campaign to get cheating spouses to put a condom in the mix.

Moralists and hypocrites were up in an uproar! how dare you tell people to cheat and use a condom? nay, the ad was misunderstood. The ad was targeted at people who will cheat anyway. you may aswell use a condom. Uncle Chim Tuna has spoken. trick don’t kill my vibe!

But away from that, an upcoming artist who goes by the name Frigacy has decided to come out and announce his H.I.V status. And it’s positive. Here is his statement;

“Hello Ghafla!
Im stage named “Frigacy” a recording artiste under Maxton. Born as George Kihara what im going to write is something that has taken me ages thinking n accepting. In life it gets to a point where we learn from mistakes therefore we live under the mistakes weve made. I made mistakes at my early age ,n it has costed me a lot in return. I want youths to learn with me that drugs,sex,fun…..r simply not the right way out as they have heavy consequences….im coming out as the first Kenyan singer on this topic. Im HIV positive.i no longer want to keep this secret by myself hence i want people with as mutual status to come out n accept the way things are n live positively…..being HIV is not the end of life…i want to b an inspirational artiste to many especially on this matter..give me support on this as enlarge my HIV/AIDS campaign of awareness..thankyou”


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