Photos:Governors to get diplomatic passports, special number plates

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today directed that all the 47 county governors be issued with diplomatic passports and special number plates as part of the devolution process to allow them to effectively implement devolution.

President Kenyatta said this while chairing the first National and County Government Co-ordinating Summit. The President further said all functions that are supposed to be performed by county governments should be devolved immediately.

President Kenyatta added that the National Government has already given instructions to all concerned institutions to ensure that devolution is implemented as per the 4th Schedule of the Constitution.

Acknowledging that there will be teething problems in the implementation of the new constitutional order, President Kenyatta stressed that those challenges should not be misconstrued or misrepresented as lack of commitment or support for devolution.

The President expressed optimism that by working together, the governors and the National Government can overcome the hurdles that lay ahead and succeed in meeting the aspirations of Kenyans.

“The commitment to the process of devolution is both personal and constitutional. The two levels of government were a desire of the people of Kenya,” the President said.

Deputy President William Ruto who was also at the summit seconded the president and reiterated the commitment of the national Government to working with governors to help in building the capacity of county governments. Ruto said that this will fast-track the development and economic transformation of the country.

The summit, which brings together the President, Deputy President and all county governors, provides a forum for consultation and cooperation between the national and county governments and meets at least twice a year.


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