Word of the Day:Opportunity Meets Preparation.

The common statement that believers make: ‘I did not get a certain opportunity because it wasn’t in God’s will or timing.” Though this might be true in some cases, at times we give ourselves and others false encouragement. Be it a job or business opportunity, education, an award or other good things that God brings our way, at times we let the blessing slip from our hands just because we are not prepared or fit enough to do it. Yet if we were disciplined enough to upgrade our skills, we just might have won the opportunity granted to us.

Great men and women who left great legacies in the world understood that opportunity meets preparation. Just one mention; the esteemed Margaret Thatcher started practicing Conservative Politics when she was 21 years old in university, a whopping 33 years before she became Britain’s Prime Minister.

Yes you do have dreams; written down and all that.., but are you acting on achieving them, as in literally? If you want to clinch that managerial position in your company, are you faithful in the little that you have now and consistently read articles on management? If you’re seeing yourself as the next big music artist, when was the last time you did your vocal training?

1 Chronicles 12:8:Be a brave warrior, ready for battle and ready to handle the shield and spear.

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