Vodeo:Four Kenyan women arrested for prostitution after an expose on Saudi TV


Four Kenyan women were nabbed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for prostitution following an investigative series by a Saudi Arabian TV station.

The women were arrested after Al Khalejia Tv conducted an investigative series which exposed the unsuspecting women who were caught on camera.

They were arrested by Saudi’s cleric police who are authorized by the Saudi Government to “police” in the promotion of virtue and prevention of vices in the Kingdom.

In the series, a woman who identified herself as Samila is overheard negotiating with the investigative reporter who pretended to be a willing”customer”.

Samila is also heard speaking in Swahili to someone who was not on camera but who was supposed to supply alcohol. Samila also describes to the reporter how she plies the trade.

Samila who said on camera she has a “well paying job” at (the) embassy was asked by the investigative journalist to bring more girls to entertain guests at an exclusive party.

Later on, Samila and three other women arrive at a spot where they were supposed to be picked up. Unaware that the cleric police were filming them all along, they got into the “client’s” car. They were immediately arrested.

The women were each hounded in the back of two SUVs by the cleric police. One woman was in one while three were in one.

The three women later claim to had been setup by Samilah who had told them that they were going to meet a “sponsor” who was to provide employment. The women who spoke to the reporter in English said they did not know of any party they were to attend but Samilah had told them that the “sponsor” is a busy man and that he could only meet them at that time of the night. They claimed they were only going to meet him and give him their names and passport numbers.

The reporter also showed SMS correspondence which showed one of the women asking how much she would be paid per hour. The woman insisted 500 for two hours.

Many women mainly from poor families in Kenya are being lured into false jobs promises from unscrupulous agents who later strip them of their identification documents and valuables.

Some women give stories of being promised well-paid jobs as a maids but instead they are locked and then sold as a sex workers at an auction for the equivalent of £300, beaten, imprisoned and abused.


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