Talanta Awards going to Kenya,Launch 17th August at Nairobi Hilton Hotel


Talanta African Awards Launch is scheduled to take place on the 17th of August at the Nairobi Hilton Hotel  6pm. Advance tickets are available at the Kasangas’ Music outlets  in Nairobi going for kshs 1000/= for VIP and kshs 500/= for regular.  A Team of more than 15 people from Diaspora are all set and ready to travel to Kenya for this great celebration. Lots of gifts are in for those in the audience including cash prizes and 3 ticket holders will get an opportunity to attend Talanta Awards 2014 in the United States.  The team will be helping raise funds to build a church in Campi ya moto Nakuru, do hands-on work in a  Medical camp, raise funds for a youth project in Kiserian and visit with two children’s homes.

Talanta Africa Awards,  a USA based Ministry is now a household name and a Ministry that has touched thousands of lives since inception in 2008. This youth focus outreach helps in discovering, appreciating and nurturing Gifts in the body of Christ. Every year Talanta has provided opportunities to a number of individuals from Kenya to travel abroad and attend the annual conference in the United States and also organized tours to showcase talents in various states and countries.

As much as Talantas ultimate goal is to win souls to Christ, encouraging the body of Christ to get fully engaged in maximization of gifts is of the essence. This ensures total involvement by all stakeholders including the youth and their participation in church becomes relevant and a joy not a boring routine or ritual, says Meggie Waruri the founder and Director of Talanta Dev. Inc.

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There are many young people with great untapped potential in Africa and that is the reason for Talanta Africa Launch in Kenya. Lack of opportunity kills morale, breeds hopelessness and may result to destructive adaptations especially by those marginalized from the spotlight in the Gospel Industry scene. Such are the focus of Talanta Africa Awards and also putting those already on the spotlight on a global scene. Happiness is a by-product of living in truth and committing ourselves with everything we’ve got to discovering our gift and sharing it with the world,  Meggie adds.

Raising a generation of well rounded and grounded leaders is our responsibility as a people and joining hands in doing all we can to gear our children up to their next level should be our pleasure, she concludes.


M. Waruri 

Talanta Dev. Inc

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