Word of the Day:God’s way is the only successful way.

In the middle of a desert Moses and the Israelites were on journey from a land where they and their ancestors were oppressed for about 400 years to a land that was promised by God. He gave them food from sky, made them resistant to snakes venom and guided them in the right direction during the day and night. But a time came when the Israelites started to doubt the plan that God had for them and started blaming Moses for getting them out of a land where they were slaves.

There are many time in our lives when, we forget the promises God has for us, where He has taken us from and what He has given us just because there is a puzzle in our life that does not fit the way we want. God provided food, guidance, health and His presence to the Israelites; all they had to do was walk to the Promised Land. If they had even a little courtesy of looking back at what God had done to them, they would have had better chances of getting to Canaan.

Take a moment and look back at your life. Is it your effort, to be where you are today? Just remember before Canaan there was slavery for a long time, then a desert. All the trouble and bad fix that you are in today is just “Egypt and the desert” but if you seek God’s guidance, “oceans” will pave way for you, “snake” venom will not kill you, “food” will rain from the heaven, “a cloud” will guide you to the right path and God’s presence will always be with you as you head to the place of abundance.

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”
Jeremiah 33:3

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