Audio:Eda of Tujuane Opens Up About Hate She’s Receiving,Says that’s her nature.

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EdahListen to Audio below:For two days straight, Eda Atieno has been on the receiving end of vindictive Kenyans. Eda shoot to fame thanks to her awful attitude on Tujuane and instead of becoming famous, she became infamous!

Blogger Robert Alai approached her on the abhorrence she’s been receiving and Eda gladly opened up. She says that people have been so rough on her; constantly pumping vitriol her way on social media as well as via SMS (there are those who got her contact). So much was the hate that she deactivated her Facebook account.

Asked why she was so rude to her date, Eda reveals that that’s her nature.

“That’s me when am bored with something. I didn’t like him”.

She goes on to say that she didn’t like the guy because he was too soft maintaining that she likes tough guys. She goes to say that the guy is actually her friend, which makes you wonder why was she so rude to a brother?

Eda says that she’s actually in a relationship and that her boyfriend took her for the shoot plus he already knew that Eda would be rude to her Tujuane date.


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