Investing in Kenya:Fix Your Future

Investment is tricky; at the end of the day we all look for high returns but shy away from the risk. High risk equals high returns, plain and simple. Today we would like to introduce you to one popular and highly dependent investment option – Fixed Deposits also known as FDs.
An FD account is basically a strict saving account. You fix a certain specified amount of money for a specific tenure and and only access it after the tenure is complete.
Fixed deposits are popular because they are a safe option; the amount you invest will not be reduced or deducted and there are no hidden charges. Secondly the interest earned is usually a lot higher than a typical savings account. The fact that there are no deductions and the interest earned is usually high, the Fixed Deposit account has guaranteed returns. Furthermore, the fixed deposit accounts is not only available in all major currencies (US dollar, Sterling Pound and Euro) but it can also be used as security pledged against a loan in order to enjoy reduced rates.
So have you been saving money and haven’t decided what to do with it yet? Do you have money kept aside equivalent to a loan you are servicing? Do you want high returns on your savings yet a bit forlorn to take a big risk? Do you want to learn the discipline of saving? For certain Fixed Deposits will work best for you. Secure your future using FDs.

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