Shock as Human head, hands dumped at Police Commission’s office

Nairobi, Kenya: Police are investigating a bizarre incident in which a fresh human head and two hands were found abandoned outside the National Police Service Commission offices in Nairobi.

The blood stained head and hands were wrapped in a nylon paper inside a box and addressed to the commission chairman Johnston Kavuludi.

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Inside was a note reading “Kavuludi you are next”.

The box was delivered there by a salon car that managed to escape from the Luther House compound where the commission offices are.

Nairobi police boss Benson Kibui said they are yet to know the motive behind the incident.

The head’s torso was missing and police believe it belongs to one that was discovered earlier in the day in Ruai area, Nairobi. The head was light with beards and seemed to have been chopped off the torso few hours earlier.

“We do not know who brought it here and it is shocking. We are investigating,” said Kibui.

Kavuludi and his commission are in Mombasa on official matters. He expressed shock at the findings saying those behind it were out to intimidate him and the other commissioners.

“We hope those who killed the man and brought the head and hands will be caught,” he said.

He added its more worrying given their security was withdrawn in unclear circumstances.

Police had initially feared to open the box and called bomb experts who screened it only to realise it had a head and hands.

The body parts were later taken to the mortuary for preservation.

Pundits believe those behind it are opposed to reforms that the commission is

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