Video:25 MPs join Ruto in opposing referendum call


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Twenty-five MPs Friday joined Deputy President William Ruto in condemning those calling for a referendum to amend the constitution.

The MPs – both senators and National Assembly members said those calling for a referendum had an ulterior motive.

MPs mainly from Jubilee and a few Cord members said there were plans to destabilise the government in its early stages.

They also defended the government for having increased resources to the counties from 32.6 per cent to 40 per cent.

“The government on its own gave counties 32.6 per cent of national revenue but now it has increased that to 40 per cent. Did we have a referendum?

Some of these people want to get power through the back door,” said Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi.

Tigania East MP Mpuri Apuri said although he was in Cord he was not going to back his leader Raila Odinga on the referendum issue.

He told Mr Odinga to allow the Jubilee government to deliver on its election pledges.

Deputy President William Ruto on his part said the government was committed to devolution and that is why increased national revenue to counties to 40 per cent.

“Some people want another contest with us. They are looking for a cheap avenue for that. Even if we have 100 contests, we will defeat them,” Mr Ruto said.

Igembe North MP Mithika Linturi said a majority of Kenyans were not prepared for any election or referendum but instead want service delivery.

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