Word of the Day:Dare To Dream

In the span of our lifetime, we have dreamt of achieving something whether big or small but there are some people around us who have an ambition of shooting down any dream that seems to sprout. We are to surround ourselves with people who support and encourage us to achieve our dreams. In fact we should disassociate ourselves from those who feed us with negativity instead have those who provoke and promote us to be the best we can be.

In Genesis 37 we are given the account of Joseph who dreamt about his leadership position but people around him especially his family were not pleased with the dreams. In fact his brothers felt threatened and instead of supporting him, they sold him off as a slave as a way of crushing his dreams. But Joseph knew that God saw the bigger picture and did not stop dreaming. At the end, he became one of the most powerful men in Egypt in his day.

Ten, five or even two years from now when you look back, will you smile knowing that you dreamt and believed in your dream enough for it to become a reality or will you regret not trying. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams rather follow your heart, no matter what. People around you may say the dream is too big but remember no Dream is too big or too small when one works hard to live it. One should always try making dreams come true no matter what. Therefore, dare to dream and delight yourself in the Lord who gives us our hearts desires when we trust in him.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalms 37:4

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