Video:”Cult movement” from South Korea with aim to snatch Christians

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Here is video  about a cult movement from South Korea where their main aim is to snatch people from different churches with the aim of taking them to their free ´bible´ school where they teach them the book of Revelation. What people don´t know is that they are brain washing people. Last year, they attacked our church and took members and when God revealed it to me, I investigated it and started warning people and with God´s help, the members who were deceived have left the cult group. Last year, their leader who the say is the Jesus that was to come target America, Asia and Europe.

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Cult movement

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They focus more in teaching the book of Revelation because they know that most people don´t read and understand the book of Revelation.
Part of the things they teach and deceive people with is..
– The book of Revelation has already been completely fulfilled.
– The only true believers are people from this cult. ´Schinchoji´
– The new heaven and earth is in south Korea
– All other churches and pastors not from them are false pastors.
– Their leader ´Lee´ is the only one who can explain the book of Revelation.

I believe people need to be informed and warned about them. They also have a tendency of going after Africans in the Diaspora with money.

By Pastors Maxwell Aruwa

Living Hope International Ministry & Church

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