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Pastor Shadrack RutoThere is a saying in my language that says, “Makiwongune Segem bok” which means you can never clear all the bees from a honeycomb. This saying has a number of practical implications. In Nehemiah chapter 3, we discovered that even though there was an overwhelming support for the vision of Nehemiah to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, it was not unanimously supported in the town of Tekoa.  This is because the nobles of this town did not want to work under supervision.  Since they were nobility, they did not want take orders from any one.

The next section was repaired by the men of Tekoa, but their nobles would not put their shoulders to the work under their supervisors. Nehemiah 3:5

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Their title indicates they were the well-to-do in the town of Tekoa. They were not willing to be led. Considering their status in the society, they expected to be leaders themselves. Consequently, they were not willing to be led by anyone else. In other words, it was all about them and not about the rebuilding of the wall. If they were not picked to be on the frontline, then they were not going to be part it. It was either their way or the highway.



  1. Unfortunately, there exist the same group of people in our churches today. Most of them are the educated and or the wealthy. This group believes that because of their status in the society, they should be on the frontline of everything in the church. Consequently, if they are not chosen to lead any department or committee then they are not willing to participate in anything.
  2. They only participate in events that are attended by government officials or any respectable entity or persons in the city or community, then they want to participate. Why? Because it is not about the church, it is all about them getting recognition. One clue, they never dress up for worship service or any other event of the church except when government officials or other respectable people in community are attending.
  3. When these individuals get into any position in the church, they use it to push their own agendas, which have nothing to do with the vision of the Church. If the pastor does not allow their agendas to be adopted, they orchestrate a conspiracy to fire the pastor.
  4. What is your attitude in church?
    1. Are you willing to be led by anyone in Church?
    2. Have you adopted a servant attitude because you understand that all of us servants of our Lord?
    3. Are you selective on what you can do or you can do anything for the glory of God?
    4. We had new members in our church last year that attended our church for a few months. Then they approach our church administrator and said, “we have discovered our service in this church. Our role is to clean the restrooms/Toilets”. I was shocked and at the same time was very glad to hear that there are Christians who understand whom they are serving. May their tribe increase in every church!
  5. Lastly, how are you using your position in your community or society?
    1. Are you using it to promote yourself or the Kingdom agenda?
    2. Are you using it to support your pastor or to hinder his ministry because you have not been given a leadership position?
    3. Is the membership of the church glad to have you or they wish you were not there because you are more trouble than a help to the Church?


Now that you know this kind of people exist in our churched today

You should not be intimidated or mislead by their attitude

Neither should you allow them to discourage you

Instead, be a good example to them and others

For this kind of people will always be there



Read: Nehemiah 3:1-5

ByPastor Shadrack Ruto

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