Dr.Myles Munroe first ever trip to Kenya


Dr Myles Munroe will be in Nairobi for his first ever trip to Kenya. He is set to give a talk at the Safari Park Hotel on October 21 dubbed The Potential Dinner. According to the flier, the gate charges go for Sh15,000.

Dr Myles dons many hats some of which include spiritual leader, professional coach, mentor, motivational speaker and bestselling author.

He has authored over 40 books on personal growth, leadership, and success principles. Fifteen titles have made it to the bestselling list which include; In Pursuit of Purpose, Understanding Your Potential, Releasing your Potential, Maximizing Your Potential, The Spirit of Leadership, The Power of Vision, Benefits of Change and Becoming a Leader.

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He travels throughout the world as a speaker addressing governments leaders, businesses, schools/universities and church congregations. He personally addresses over 500,000 people each year on personal and professional development, and he receives hundreds of invitations every year to speak worldwide.

His popular quote is, “My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follower is a leader. My belief is, if that person is placed in the right environment, the leader will manifest himself or herself.”-The Star

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