Nairobi Half Life Director Wins Award At A Zimbabwean Film Festival.


Even before the movie Nairobi Half Life hit the theater , there was already uncontrollable hype about it that increased the public’s anticipation for the movie. The Director of Nairobi Half Life Film David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga was recently awarded for his remarkable work at a Zimbabwean Film Festival.

According to Hot Secrets, Gitonga won a prestigious award at the International Images Film Festival which was held in Harare last week. In acknowledging his great work, he received the most popular prize the Walter Mparutsa Prize. Gitonga was awarded alongside “Prehistorie laTunisie” director Ben Ahmed Hamdi scooped the Best Short Film Award and “Suffering Grasses” directed by Lara Lee was voted the Best Documentary.

The Walter Mparutsa Prize was introduced to recognise films that showcase positive male role models. The festival has become an integral part of the local and regional film calendars and is a focal point for WFOZ’s activities.
IIFF has also created spaces and stimuli for societal engagement with critical issues ordinarily not engaged with adequately in the mainstream. Congratulation

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