Outrage as Kenyan Prophet Claims ‘ “Tsvangirai” Plotting A Child Sacrifice’

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MumoAn uproar was this week triggered in the Zimbabwean community after a Kenyan prophet, Prophet Maxillar Mumo’s utterances were read as claiming that outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party is plotting to perform a child sacrifice in order to create their leader’s presidency over the country.

The prophet’s connecting utterance in which he clearly states that Morgan Tsvangirai shall enter state house mysteriously ‘has failed’ and has since been viciously rubbished by news readers.

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This came weeks after Tsvangirai continued his international protest against Mugabe on the just ended elections which the MDC-T leader says were rigged through the manipulation of the voters’ roll.

It has been deduced from Mumo’s voluminous utterances that the prophet is claiming that Morgan Tsvangirai will without a doubt be President of Zimbabwe by December this year after Mugabe’s natural death but Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party should not do the said “child sacrifice” they are allegedly planning, the Kenyan prophet’s claims, which however the MDC-T dismisses. When contacted, the MDC-T’s spokesman Douglas Mwonzora responded saying he had not seen the utterance at all and he would need to read it first. At the time of writing, he had not responded having also struggled to navigate down the pages of the social networking coil where it was posted last week.

There was a wild reaction to Mumo’s declarations:

“Why can’t he prophesy about his country we are tired of his stupid prophecies,” wrote one Zimbabwean identified as Sitheni Mkhwananzi.

“ I disregard any prophecy that does not speak directly of Jesus Christ and teach me of Him. This just speaks of the machinations of men and of the things of this world,” said another Zimbabwean, Vincent Reid. Other Facebookers continued ranting back and forth for or against the prophet.


Below was Mumo’s full utterance made last week:

31ST AUGUST 2013. In Jesus name I pray: The Lord awoke me in a vision that took me a back! Why would this be happening at a time like this when God’s eye is so set on you nation? I saw leaders planning a sacrificial giving of a child sacrifice. And the Lord awoke me in a mighty glory and said if this sacrifice is made those who are doing it shall bring damnation to this nation. An alter of evil is being erected in your midst! The Lord says stop this act. Those who are planning to do it so that they can get what they want; know that God is watching. He woke me up for you shall see this! If you do this sacrifice, it is over!Zimbabweans it is time to arise in prayer. Pray for your nation, this evil altar if erected you will suffer! Pray to God that this alter falls by the hand of it’s makers! If you do not pray and ignore this call; it is over! Only one part of this great change you are waiting will come to pass! The rest will go with the wind for they are lying to this one to go on with this sacrifice so that they can take leadership by evil ways! They are lying to him! Why can’t they wait for God to perform His Word? If they do this that they are planning to do, it is over for them! It will be the end of that part!They will be shocked I know about this. But God knows everything. He is everywhere watching good and evil. No deed shall go without it’s due judgement. Hear the voice of God and wait for His Action. If you fail you only have yourself to blame. IF THEY DO IT, I WILL BLAST THEM FOR THEY WILL HAVE FAILED ME SAYS THE LORD! I leave this at that! Posted by Prophet Maxillar Mumo-zimeye.org

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