Walter Mongare Deep In Debt! Vehicles And Property Auctioned!

If indeed Mongare is in financial trouble and considering his service to Kenya,can’t we come together and help him?

Our sleuth at the law courts has uncovered some rather shocking news about the polygamist Nyambane! The comedian whose government name is Walter Mong’are is deep in debt and has had his properties auctioned to pay back a debt owed a former business associate.

And we have the court documents to prove it. And no, do not ask me who our source is, but just know that the law courts are no longer safe from Ghafla’s prying eyes!

Nyambane owes a total of 867,516.00/- and the breakdown is given in the documents below:




And auctioneers from Pala Muhatia have already attached properties belonging to Walter Mong’are in a bid to recoup the monies owned!

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