Word of the Day:Speak and act upon it


Someone once said that as individuals, we are writing a chapter each day by the deeds we do and words we say. People will always look at how consistent we are and if we do what we say. A Christian who makes the greatest impact on a watching world, and spreads the love of Christ to those around them is one whose actions are in harmony with their words.

In ancient drama theatres, there would be a person behind a curtain who spoke the lines, while the performer on stage acted out the role. In this day, there are some Christians who act the same. Many of us are skilled at sounding religious but we may not be putting our words into action. This creates a clash between what we say and do, thus creating confusion in the minds of those around us.

As Christians we should not only be spreading the gospel but we should be doers of the word. We are to be people who speak and do the truth. We cannot climb a mountain in one day but taking a step makes all the difference. Start today by practicing to doing the Word of God. Love those around you, bless your enemies, be patient with those who seem irritating and continually show the love of God to everyone. Remember, when words and actions agree, the message is loud and clear.

“In the same way, faith by itself if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”
James 2:17


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