Photos/Video:Army releases names of 5 behind Westgate attack


Kenyan of Arab origin among those identified through CCTV footage to have attacked Westgate: Kenya came closest to unravelling the puzzle behind the Westgate terror massacre last night when the Kenya Defence Forces made public a video of photo profiles of the armed attackers.

The terrorists believed to have been five during the massacre were captured by the CCTV cameras at the mall during the operation and the military intelligence together with the Anti-terrorism Police Unit have profiled the identities and linked them to mall saga.

Sources within the military said the terrorists were killed but declined to say where the bodies were.“Even the US government did not show you the images of Osama bin Laden when he was killed. Just go to press with what you have. That is top military secret,” source said.

 Published profiles

The military published the profiles of two wanted terrorists and circulated videos the moment the attackers took positions and moved within the mall.

In one of the videos, the lead attacker is seen beckoning his colleagues as they take positions between electronics, air conditioners and cartons of electronic goods in turns while clutching their rifles.

The profiles of the attackers are given as Abu Baraal Al Sudani whose last known location was Mogadishu and Westgate.

Sudani is described as having received specialised training by Al-Qaida and an experienced sharp shooter. He is the one seen beckoning the attackers to what is believed to be a vantage position at the mall.

On the first day of the Westgate mall attack, Al Sudani was wearing khaki cream trousers, a black jacket and ammunition bags around his waist.

  Second attacker

He spotted white sports shoes too. He is said to originate from Somalia. The second attacker believed to be the commandant of the gang has been profiled as Omar Nabhan.

He is believed to have been born in Mombasa’s Mwembe Tayari and is said to have gone to Somalia at the age of 16 with his uncle. On the Saturday, Omar wore a sky blue shirt, a brown pair of trousers and a black cloth on his head. He had bags around his waist and held a rifle.

The third attacker has been identified as Khatab Al Kene and is an associate of Ramzy from Mogadishu. He is described as an affiliate of Al-Shabaab.

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