Samantha Lethwaite “White widow”still tweets – detectives

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Samantha LEWTHWAITEBRITISH detectives believe terror suspect Samantha Lethwaite has been tweet- ing on the Pumwani based Muslim Youth Centre’s account for the last two weeks.

They say tweets referring to UK soap operas and a dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing, are being posted by Samantha, who has been on the run since 2011 when she slipped through a Kenya police dragnet in Mombasa.

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She has been linked to the September 21attack on the Westgate Mall, Nairobi in which more than 60 people died and hundreds others were injured.

British Intelligence say Lethwaite stopped tweeting after the Westgate attack but has reappeared and began with her latest post being last Friday in which she says: ‘In Islam there’s no choice. It’s not like, “Do I watch EastEnders or Corrie tonight?” No shortcuts in Islam!’ In another tweet, Lewthwaite writes: “Muslims in Somalia don’t want to sit at home on a Saturday evening glued to Strictly Come Dancing with its C- list “stars”:))).” Samantha appears to mock British police’s arrests of UK-based terror suspects:

“Oi! You’ve been nabbed Sunny [sic] Jim!” She is suspected to be using the account because of the reference of “a girl in Kenya”, which is the same phrase she used when she tweeted an altercation with former colleague Al Amriki

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