Video:Meet Westgate Mall Police Heroes

In the thick of the blood and gloom that descended on the Westgate mall, the courage under fire of security officers at the scene of terrorists attack stood out. Some braved a barrage of gunfire and grenade explosion from the attackers to rescue scores of people trapped in the mall. So gallant was the effort of these officers that their poster images of bravery were celebrated in the front pages and TV screens of both local and international press. Although there were many such officers, some of whom, sadly, did not live to tell the story having been silenced by the terrorist’s bullets, three lucky officers emerged with from the ordeal to share their experiences with the country. Among them were chief inspector Stephen Lelei, the Kabete OCS, Sergent Iya Adan Iya, a driver attached to the presidential escort unit and Benjamin Chemjor a CID officer.  Here is the story in the words of these Westgate heroes.

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