Be Encouraged:“Goodnight” comes before “Goodmorning”

You ever find yourself in the dark not knowing what is going on in your life? This short article might help you to understand God’s dealings with you. GOODNIGHT COMES BEFORE GOODMORNING!


During the six day work of creation you will notice after God created something the scripture says, “there was evening (darkness) and then there was morning (light) and this was the beginning of a new day.”

Interesting that man works from daylight to dark and God works from dark to daylight.

God establishes here a pattern for dealing with His creation. FIRST there is to be darkness then light. This paradigm or model runs throughout the whole of scripture.

First darkness—then light. First death–then resurrection. First you lose your life—then you find it. First the old wineskins…then the new. First the old creation—then the new creation.

God deals with us in cycles —- and each new cycle begins with an apparent negative and flows into a positive blessing. “HE TAKETH AWAY IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH”

CATCH THE PRINCIPLE- Every new dealing of God in our lives seems to begin with some sort of death, darkness, loss, subtraction, brokenness or other negative experience. It generally involves a sense of loss, distress, or defeat, where we are often left disillusioned, discouraged and totally in the dark.

But one of our problems is this, we fail to understand that as long as we live in this present dimension, WE ARE DESTINED FOR CHANGE.

God’s progressive changes in creation always begins with DARKNESS. It is the darkness that we tend to despise. In darkness we are often unsure and unsettled.

In a very real sense, God does TAKE AWAY—-but this is His initiation— His method for “ESTABLISHING” something better (Hebrews 10:9). God took away the Old Covenant in order to establish the New Covenant.

If we can grasp this principle, we can cope with LIFE in a brand new way.

Each of our NIGHTS is not the end of our walk in the light, but the beginning of a NEW DAY.

Just as surely as God leads us into the “evening” (darkness) —- He will complete the cycle by bringing us through the darkness into the “morning” (light). Every time he takes away, He is about to establish something New and Better.

“There was evening and then there was morning and this was the beginning of a new day.”
“Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

By Ron Corzine



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