Entitled to your own opinion

Depending on different factors such as ones upbringing, educational orientation and state of the mind, we all hold and stick to certain opinions. In other words there are certain things that make some people happy. Well, it’s like a hobby to them. There are those who believe….

  1. That there is no God
  2. That the Bible is just another book that has no meaning whatsoever in their lives
  3. That life consists of fighting, inciting others to fight, calling others names, gossiping, some kind of jealousy and boasting
  4. They have the custody of knowledge and therefore everything they write and say becomes final
  5. They are always right and therefore don’t need the advice of others

Guess what, each one of us is entitled to his/her opinion. As for me, I believe that…

  1. God does exist and that He is so much in control
  2. I believe that the word of God is true and a light unto my feet
  3. Peace and not fighting and bickering is the right thing to do
  4. Am a grown man and therefore need to behave as such
  5. All are God’s children who should be treated with honor and respect-pastorbirai.com

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