Mugabe‘Truly Dying’, Tsvangirai Taking Over Zimbabwe, Kenyan Prophet Insists

A Kenyan prophet, Maxillar Mumo who on the 30th July predicted that Robert Mugabe is going to die soon after elections and Morgan Tsvangirai will take over from him, has insisted the MDC leader will still swiftly take over from Mugabe anytime from today.

This came as the 2013 year end fast encroached and Zimbabwean’s far and wide were regurgitating his previous prediction: “Tell Zimbabwe that the Lord says their President Mugabe is due to die soon after elections and that Morgan Tsvangirai is anointed of God to lead the nation…”

In an exclusive interview with ZimEye from his Nairobi base, Mumo later indicated that he has no regrets over his prophecy which many MDC bigwigs (who include Matebeleland heavyweight Godern Moyo) now rely upon for hope of the future. “I have spoken with you in utter justice of God’s Word and I hope everything God has told you elevates your thinking and does not make you blind to your own destiny.

“I do not carry my voice that is why I am able to speak and nations can listen. It is because I carry God’s voice. I am not interested in the when they happen all I know is everything I have spoken in the past has come to pass and I cannot take credit of any! Only God can! I am not worried if what I say comes to pass or not; because I know God worries about that.

“In whatever happens, I represent my God with utmost and ultimate obedience. I cannot think less of Him any day of my life. I will stand with his word forever,” he said.

Mumo’s full prophecy released on the 30th July reads:

“Tell Zimbabwe that the Lord says their President Mugabe is due to die soon after elections and that Morgan Tsvangirai is anointed of God to lead the nation of Zimbabwe. Tell the nations the Lord says no matter how long they work against this Word, it shall come to pass because the Lord God is going to watch over His Word to perform it,” he said on July 30.

He continued :”The Lord came to me in a vision and gave me this Word for the nation of Zimbabwe. I saw two horses and one of the horses was green while the other horse was red. These two horses ran and crossed the line but this green horse soon fainted and collapsed to death then I saw the red horse take up office.

“May the people of Zimbabwe listen and choose the leader the Lord has chosen for them however it does not matter for when God chooses no matter what the nation does, the Lord shall place His selected leader on the throne! This Morgan shall enter your house on the hill mysteriously,” he said.

Prophet Mumo is little known outside Kenya.-zimeye

Tsvangirai will be president...Prophet Mumo

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