Music Video:Naomi’s Baby by K-Nel


Naomi’s Baby is a record that I dedicated to my mother “Naomi” and all the good mothers all over the world. The message say’s it all; no matter what we give our mothers we can never pay them back what they have done for us. A mother is a special person and should be respected at all times. In this song I poured my heart all out, taking you through a journey of my life, the death of my father at a young age, narrating how tough my mother is and her strength.

Every mother would definitely relate to this song one way or the other. This smash record was produced by Deejay Snake from Portugal and was recorded at J-jd Da-Costa Studio in Leverkusen (Germany). I decided to keep the concept of the video simple and classic; it’s like a news journalist reading the news.

The video is a straight performance clip. You can buy the single now which is out on Itunes,Amazon,Spotify and all global digital shops. Look out for my upcoming Album “Naomi’s Baby” which will drop early 2014. God bless y’all.

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