Video:”That Kenyan is not my President”angers car customers


VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) – There is nothing illegal about a message posted Thursday on a sign at a Vancouver used car dealership. But the sign was seen as racist and offensive.

“That Kenyan is not my President” was the message in the bottom left corner of the business sign for Austin’s Affordable Autos.

President Obama’s father was born in Kenya.

The message, since taken down, was on private property for about four days. and the owner’s freedom of speech is protected by the US Constitution. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t upset many people.

Among the comments people said to KOIN 6 News:

“‘That Kenyan is not my President.’ And he’s trying to sell cars?”
“You have the right to have freedom of speech.”
“Hey, free speech. We don’t have free speech, we have no more country.”

“There is freedom of speech, but it’s also a stupid statement to put on a sign. You can’t fix stupid,” Cliff McCray told KOIN 6 News.

McCray said he bought a car from the dealership but he’ll never go back because the message was so offensive.

“If anybody ready that sign, ‘This Kenyan is not my President,’ he should have said the real word he wanted to say, you know, the real word that everybody runs from and say everyday,” he said.

KOIN 6 News tried to talk with Matt Austin, the owner of Austin’s Affordable Autos, but he refused and told the KOIN 6 News crew to leave the property.

A woman bought a VW Beetle from the dealership and said she was making payments, but Austin’s Affordable Autos threatened to repossess the car. She showed KOIN 6 News receipts for two payments in March, but she said the dealership wanted another one in April.

She said when she was dealing with the manager, he “literally called the cops on me.”

The Better Business Bureau said Austin’s Affordable Autos has an F rating for their

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