A certain brew has taken away many lives of Kenyans. It has also left many Kenyans blind. But what is now very scaring and worrying, is that it has left thousands if not millions of Kenyans impotent in the Central Province of Kenya.

There is  great fear that the killer brew and hence the impotency, may be  related and/or associated with  the “cut to size” statement that was released by a one time cabinet Minister, Mr. William Ole Ntimama in the early 90’s?

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The rate of impotency in the central province and especially among the youth, has reached very high worrying levels, and it is high time the Uhuru administration declares it a national disaster, in order to save the Kikuyu Community.
For a number of years now, numerous incidences of  the Kikuyu people, mostly the youth, going blind and others dying from drinking the local African intoxicating beer, commonly called “changaa”, has been reported annually in the Kenya media. what has been very amazing is that the brew, which has been common in almost everywhere  in Kenya, has  caused blindness, death and now impotency only in the central province of Kenya and not in any other area of the Nation.
It is extremely hard and very difficult to understand why both the Moi and the Kibaki Governments failed to investigate who the brewers and the suppliers of the killer brew were. Today there are much fewer nursery schools in Central Province, compared with those present in the same area  in 1979, a short while after President Moi took over leadership of the Nation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta who is the youngest President Kenya has ever had since the Independence of Kenya in 1963, should bear more concerns about the unwarranted deaths, blindness and the impotency that has  affected the Kikuyu youth.  He should take the necessary measures to investigate who the brewers and the suppliers of the killer brew have been, so that they can be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced for those crimes. The President  should further investigate whether  the supply of the killer brew in Central Province has been an organized scheme to cut the community to size as stated earlier by Mr. William Ole Ntimama.

The best action to take in this approach, should be to contact and inquire from those already affected and are alive, who supplied them with the killer brew. The  Kenya government should also take to task Mr. William Ole Ntimama over his statement about to cut to size  a certain community, so that it can be established whether the supply of the killer brew to the central province of Kenya, has been within a wider conspiracy to cut  the Kikuyu community to size.
This is a very serious issue and  if nothing is done immediately, the Kikuyu community will be reduced by 40% in 20 years time from now.
OP-ED By Isaac Newton Kinity.
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