Photos:Chipukeezy, Young Kenyan Comedian With A Helicopter


Chipukeezy is one of the hottest new acts in comedy. He is a testament to the mentorship that Churchill dedicates to comedians affiliated to him and his company Laugh Industry. Chipukeezy was one of the starlets discovered by Churchill who has managed to stand oput of the crowd. I dare say he is cut from the same cloth as Eric Omondi -and I say that tongue in cheek knowing how much celebrities hate being compared to each other.

When Chipukeezy came out on the scene, he was just a rugrat little child who could crack funny jokes. he underwent the baptism of fire and is now Chipukeezy, the brand. The lad is now making piles of money and now it would seem, he is being showered with corporate love.

Chipukeezy is going to be travelling round the country promoting one of Kenya’s leading pay-per-view satellite TV companies and he got a helicopter dedicated to himself for just that task. Check the pictures out below:-






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