Photos:Michelle Obama Gives Women Useful Lesson On How To Guard Their Men

Just one woman almost put Obama in trouble but Michele got a diplomatic solution.Nelson Mandela’s memorial service saw a hundred presidents from around  he globe head to South Africa to take part in this historical event. Among them was our president Uhuru Kenyatta who was well applauded by the crowd upon introduction.

Being a big event, many activities were taking place, paparazzi were on their toes to capture every moment, some of which have come in handy, like U.S.A’s first lady showing the ladies how to guard their men. Check out the step by step pictorial guide below:

  1. Watch him closely to see how he relates..628x471
  2. Make sure to read his every move..2013-12-10T113028Z_01_KAI33_RTRIDSP_3_MANDELA-1024x588

  3. Sound your warning and leave him and the enemy in shock..ap_barack_obama_4_wy_131210_4x3_992

  4. If he gets the hint let him be in peace..ARP3741789-1024x634

  5. But if he forgets the rules as fast..heres-obama-taking-a-selfie-with-david-cameron-and-denmarks-prime-minister-at-mandelas-memorial-service

  6. Let him enjoy the final moments then strike..south-africa-mandela-memorial (1)

  7. Occupy your rightful position..

1489075_10151877653746997_1783077992_n8. Problem solved and everyone is happy..


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