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You can still take care of your family while away with abcD’Bouquet Insurance package. Through our sister company ABC Insurance; you now have access to an all-inclusive insurance bouquet designed for Kenyan’s living in the Diaspora providing medical, pension and life benefits for your utmost peace of mind.

  1. Diaspora Return Ticket:

Cover up to a maximum of five (5) nominated next of kin (parents, spouse, children or siblings) living in Kenya. With this cover, in the event of demise (death) of any of your nominees, you can purchase a return ticket as well as make contributions towards the funeral expense of the departed. The amount is payable (within 48hrs) once on the first demise of any of the above dependents during the insurance period.

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                        Limits Premium         Payments per Year

  • Kshs 50,000/=             Kshs. 5,465 /= per annum
  • Kshs 100,000/=           Kshs. 7,273 /= per annum
  • Kshs 200,000/=           Kshs 9,683 /= per annum


  1. Diaspora Funeral Expense:

This cover caters for the last expense to ensure that Kenyans and their families living in the Diaspora receive a dignified funeral and return home in the unfortunate event of death. It also covers repatriation of the body back home. The member and his/her family living in the Diaspora are covered.

                        Limits Premium         Payments per Year

  • Kshs 500,000/=           Kshs 12,596/= per annum
  • Kshs 750,000/=           Kshs 18,750/= per annum
  • Kshs 1,000,000/=        Kshs 25,000/= per annum


  1. Diaspora Life:

Upon loss of life of the Assured member (In the Diaspora) the next of kin in Kenya will receive payment of either Kshs. 100,000 per month for 12 months or Kshs. 50,000 for 24 months.

                        Limits Premium                     Yearly Payments

  • Kshs 1,200,000/=                    Kshs 8,000/= per annum

For more information, click HERE and an ABC Bank Relationship Manager will contact you.


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