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Fresh Protests in Nairobi as pro-Shebesh supporters storm governor Kidero’s offices

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Shebesh protesterA week after a high court judge allowed a petition seeking stop the criminal prosecution of Gov Kidero over the September scuffle with Nairobi women Representative, fresh protesters stormed the governor’s office this afternoon carrying placards with pro-Shebesh messages. While the protest was initially seen as fighting over new stringent rules aimed at reducing tax evasion by hawkers and small scale businesses located within the CBD, the hand of TNA in general and Shebesh in particular is very open now.

Dr Kidero is in charge of a county where TNA interests, both business and political, is still very much alive. The fact that Dr Kidero comes from the minority opposition CORD does not help the matter. In the same breath, the silence by the political heavyweights in the opposition has also seen Dr Kidero increasingly isolated.

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Shebesh, who had stormed governor Kidero’s offices leading to the initial fistfight, has declined to pursue reconciliation, opting to go for the judicial redress.

However, without much of a reputation to protect, having been involved in worse image shuttering sexual allegations with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, who, at some point, is said to have also slapped her, the general consensus is that the TNA Nairobi women Representative wants to humiliate Dr Kidero, the political pay-off which goes to the leaders who see the Nairobi governor as a potential future presidential threat.

Over the weekend, five of the seven witnesses who Shebesh lined in the case, taking cue from the court directive, offered to withdraw their statements. However, it is now emerging that Shebesh is keen on the case to proceed in court.

“We have no intention to negotiate and my client has issued express instructions to this effect. Consequently, there are no intentions to strike any agreement out of court,” said lawyer Cecil Miller, acting for Shebesh.

“My client wants the law to be the arbiter,” he added.-kenya-today.com

Fresh Protests in Nairobi as pro-Shebesh supporters storm governor Kidero offices

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