Inspiration:How old a me?

Children have so much to teach those willing to observe/ learn. I enjoy watching/observing/listening to them.

I have a five year old friend who is in preschool. Every time I visit with them, I hear entertaining  stories as narrated by him. He always has something interesting to share about stuff he has learned at school.
One day, he came home with a unique way of counting. He had mastered counting one through ten or so he thought. However, every time he came to 10 he said zero (0). He did not buy the idea that there was 10. So his counting went one, two,three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine and then 0.It took a while before he was finally convinced of the reality. Next was something about his name.He came home one day with excitement. He asked his mother, “mum, how old a me?It again took the parents time to clarify that?
What’s the point? Often time you see adult arguing about things that they think that they know when as a matter of fact they don’t. This applies in all areas of life including the word of God. There is need to understand that its not everything that we claim to know that we know. We should be humble enough to admit that there are stuff that we do not know. It may at times call for relearning of that which we claim to know.

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