Inspiration:Never take friends for granted


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A man who has friends must himself be friendly,

But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.(Proverbs 18:24)

If you happen to have good,reliable,loving,and caring friends,then make sure that in the moments of excitement/frustration
1. You don’t loose them
2.You don’t take them for granted
3.You don’t borrow money and fail to return it
4.You remain calm and respectful
And why is that?
1.Life is that those that we trash into the dustbin today because we think that they are of no value, we might need them tomorrow
2.We live in a world of short memories.Its always easy to forget where we have come from
3.Good friends don’t come by that easy
4.Like the good book says, if one has friends, he must by all means be friendly
Have never and will never take my friends for granted no matter what. What about you?
Just a thought

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