Word of the Day:Pray at all times

Someone once said that to make the most of your time, take time to pray. How true! However in this fast paced life we find that we get caught up with duties to achieve hence our prayer schedule becoming quite brief. You may feel guilty that you are not able to spend long periods of time each day in prayer but you are not alone in this day and age.

How then can we make use of the time that we have at hand? We need to learn how to make good use of moments that come across our way. For example you can read the Bible when waiting for someone or when you are among people become great listener and pray for those in need.

We can train ourselves to maintain an awareness of the Lord’s presence with us throughout our busy schedules and to talk with Him continually. Through this we can fulfill the Savior’s direction of abiding in him and to pray without ceasing.

“Pray continually.”
1st Thessalonians 5:17

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