Mary Kiruhi

We now have 2 Kenyan Councillors and a mayor in UK.

Another Kenyan lady has won council seat in UK. Mrs. Mary Kiruhi was elected as a councillor representing Townstal Ward in Dartmouth, UK on Tuesday 7th January, 2014 after a by-election.

Mary, a mother of two and a very charming lady came to the UK more than 12 years. Mary has a brother Dr. Peter M. Ndegwa who lives in Holland.

We are only 2 Kenyans in this area. I hope to do my best to serve the community. I am happy for myself.” Mary said. Mr. Seed would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mary Kiruhi for being elected as a councillor. You have made us proud.

Where is Dartmouth in UK-CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP.

You can congratulate Mary on 07919401851.-Misterseed

Mary Kiruhi and with his brother Dr. Peter Ndegwa

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