Amazing Photos:Mugabe Celebrates 90th Birthday At a Cost of Ksh. 86 Million


MugabeRZimbabwean President Robert Mugabe On Sunday Celebrated his 90th birthday at a colorful ceremony at a stadium in east of the capital Harare. This veteran African leader who has been in power for over 3 decades released a total of 90 balloons into the air to mark his 90th year in the world.

Mugabe turned 90 years on Friday but he was at Singapore then for an eye surgery hence his birthday had to be postponed till Sunday.

Despite Mugabe’s poor health at that time and Zimbabwe’s economic problems, Mugabe spent a total of Ksh. 86 million to organise this event. School children were released to go for the event to wave flags and to chant Mugabe’s clan name.

Huge cakes were prepared and put on display at the stadium. Members of the public present for the occasion were dressed in Red scarves, as is tradition on the president’s birthday.

Mugabe used the platform to express his support for Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on the homosexual bill saying that this is an anti-social behavior that shouldn’t be allowed in Africa.

“I feel as youthful and energetic as a boy of nine,” Mugabe said, before cutting his cake

Mugabe and his wife moving around the venue to greet their supporters.

Mugabe having a taste of the cake


Mugabe releases 90 balloons to the air

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