Photos/Video:Virgin Mary Statue ‘Weeps Oil’ In Israel


‘Weeping’ Mary draws thousands to Israeli home in search of a miracle:

A glistening statue of the Virgin Mary has drawn thousands of faithful to a small enclave in northern Israel, where residents say even wiping off the statue doesn’t get rid of oily tears.

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There have been many claims of weeping statues of the Virgin Mary, but in one Israeli town, residents say a likeness of Jesus’ mother is shedding tears of oil.

For the past week, faithful Christians have flocked to the living room of Osama and Amira Khoury, who say they have a miracle inside their apartment.


Christians flock to take photos of a statue of the Virgin Mary that weeps tears of oil, residents in the small Israeli town of Tarshiha say.

Roped in rosary beads, a glistening statue of the Virgin Mary sits in a glass box, surrounded by worshippers who pray and sing songs.

Osama Khoury said his wife found the object covered in oil not long ago. The statue spoke to his wife, and told her to fear not, Khoury said.


Christians in prayer surround statue of the Virgin Mary, that seems to shed oily tears, inside an apartment in Tarshiha, Israel, near the border with Lebanon.

More than 2,000 people have shown up since word spread, he said.

Wiping the statue did nothing to get rid of the sheen. The family says it is most enthralled when a “tear” appears to roll down the saint’s cheek.

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