Video:KTN TV Anchors Refute Esther Arunga’s ‘Raunchy Dressing’ Claims


Top KTN female anchors last Friday dispelled Esther Arunga’s claims that female anchors are ‘forced to expose their cleavage and expose nudity on air’during prime time news.

The group of anchors made up of Betty Kyalo, Sophia Wanuna, Catherine Omwantho and Asha Mwilu sat down in a session dubbed ‘Friday Chat’ where they got talking about various things and eventually landed on the topic.

They refuted the whole aspect of being forced to dress in ‘a certain way’and emphasized that every anchor has the freedom of choice when it comes to what they wear when going on the studio set.

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They negated further Arunga’s claims by saying that even the administration would not allow certain modes of dress.

The four also went into dept to discuss some of the major challenges that they face as anchors and being celebrities in society.

Esther Arunga came into the limelight when she landed a post as an anchor on KTN, she eventually got entangled in a major scandal that led to a highly publicized family wrangle involving the Jazz Maestro’s Hellon ‘Finger of god’ church where she was found after she went missing. A rumour then sparked that she was romantically involved with Hellon and thereafter her then new boyfriend and now current husband Quincy Timberlake got into the spotlight and not for the right reasons. The two then went into exile and were not heard from until recently when they were hosted on a local TV station via Skype. Since when Arunga has since started making headlines again with her revelations and opening up sessions with the media regarding her past.  Which is how she made this comment that has brought other female anchors out in their own

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